Unicorn Selenite Tower (Small - 10cm)

Unicorn Selenite Tower (Small - 10cm)

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Selenite is one of the most important tools in your intuitive tool box, it is used by many light workers as it literally brings light down to earth. This white transparent crystal has strong vibrations that open the crown chakra and vibrate at a high frequency.

These selenite unicorn towers work by circulating the energy to cleanse and promote healthy balance in the air where they are placed. A perfect spot for this babe is in the lounge/ living room where lots of people enter to just create a sense of peace. 

Perfect to use after smudging away the negativity. 

Selenite is fantastic for cleansing auras and energy fields that may become cloudy. You can use Selenite to bring colour and energy back to your other crystals by placing them next to the tower.

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Colour: White

Availability: Common

Primary Chakra: Crown

Secondary Chakra: Sacral

Type: Fibre gypsum,  hydrous calcium sulphate, glassy with perl like lustre

All of my crystals are of A Grade Quality and have been sourced sustainably and responsibly 

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