Golden Tiger Eye Heart (S)

Golden Tiger Eye Heart (S)

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Tiger Eye is a protective stone that wards off danger to those that wear it or have it near them. Unlike other protective stones Tiger Eye has a unique energy that is able to send unhelpful energies back to the sender aiding in karmic law.

Tigers Eye will help you rise above and leave negative situations behind you. It is a fantastic crystal to help with success and strength, it will allow you to find courage from within and succeed in all things you put your mind to.

It is a fantastic crystal for upliftment which will literally lift and raise your vibrations. The stronger you are at this the easier your path will be.

Astrological Sign: Leo 

Colour: Brown & Gold

Availability: Common

Primary Chakra: Root

Secondary Chakra: Solar Plexus

Type: Oxide, Quartz

All of my crystals are of A Grade Quality and have been sourced sustainably and responsibly 

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