Protect & Ground Crystal Candle - Moroccan Amber (Birch Moon)

Protect & Ground Crystal Candle - Moroccan Amber (Birch Moon)

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Protect & Ground Scented Candle with Smokey Quartz and Black Onyx Crystals (200ml)

Ground yourself and feel the warmth of protective energies envelop you with this earthy soy wax candle. Infused with the supportive energies of Smokey Quartz and Black Onyx crystals, your Protect & Ground intention candle will calm a busy mind and bring you back to a place of pure embodiment. Let the fortifying scent of Moroccan Amber bring nourishment to your space.

Protect & Ground Affirmation

I am safe, loved and protected. The very Earth beneath my feet holds me steady and nourishes my life. As I light this flame, I ground into this knowing and allow myself to be supported.

About Smokey Quartz and Black Onyx Crystals

Smokey Quartz is one of the best grounding stones in the crystal world. As it works with both the ethereal and earthly planes, Smokey Quartz helps build a bridge between the two to ensure you are always connected to your body and the Earth, even if you are working in higher realms. This stone can calm and centre you when you feel anxious or spacey, bringing you gently back to your body and the presence of the moment. Smokey Quartz transmutes negative energy and protects you from any toxic or harmful vibrations, absorbing any yuckiness and transforming it into something much lighter.
Black Onyx is a wonderful stone to combine with Smokey Quartz. Onyx gifts us with focus and discipline, and boosts our physical strength. It will ease excessive energies, grounding you in your personal power and allowing the self-mastery required to achieve your goals.

Scent Details - Moroccan Amber:

Top notes: Sparkling Bergamot, Crisp Eucalyptus, Star Anise

Mid notes: Garden Heliotrope, White Cardamom, Patchouli

Base notes: Blonde Cedar, Sweet Vanilla, Baltic Amber


100% natural soy wax

Hand poured in Melbourne

Cotton, lead-free wick


200ml Medium: approx. 33 hours

- On first use, set the candle memory by allowing your candle wax to melt to the edge. Extinguishing your candle before the wax melts to the outer edge will cause tunnelling and deplete the longevity of your candle.

- Remove larger crystals before lighting candle.

- Never leave lit candles unattended.