Personalised Frequency Tracks by AJ (playthataj)

Personalised Frequency Tracks by AJ (playthataj)

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Personalised Frequency Tracks by AJ (playthataj) are specifically designed for your purpose and help to raise your vibration which you can play on repeat or whenever you need!

So you choose what you need it for - whether it’s for study, sleep, anxiety, relaxing, fitness, focus, prosperity, positivity or anything else!

How Do I Create Your Frequency Track?

Before I start each Frequency Track, I first say a "Karakia" (Maori Prayer) to bless the space of creation and instantly raise the Vibration. I then Meditate with a specific Crystal, add a specific "Frequency" sound (Hz), use a specific "Music Scale", choose a specific Tempo (BPM) and finally use certain Instruments for the purpose of each track!

Your track will also include a detailed explanation/ mini-reading of everything! 

Cost: $120.00 Per Track

Length of Track: Approx. 4-5 Minutes
Format: MP3
Delivery Time: Within 3 Days
Delivery Method: via Email

⫸ Listen to Frequency Music by playthataj

*Each Track takes approx. 2-3 Hours to complete as I use spiritual elements and connect with your energy.

*Please write the purpose of your track in “ADD A NOTE TO YOUR ORDER” via your Shopping Cart/ Check Out.

DISCLAIMER: Personalised Frequency Tracks are only to help in aiding your purpose and not meant to completely resolve any issues. Please seek help from a professional for any health concerns.