Joy & Creativity Crystal Candle - Orange & Jasmine (Birch Moon)

Joy & Creativity Crystal Candle - Orange & Jasmine (Birch Moon)

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Joy & Creativity Crystal Infused Scented Candle with Carnelian and Citrine Crystals (200ml)

Spark joy and inspire your creative soul with this uplifting candle. Infused with the vibrant energies of Carnelian and Citrine crystals, your Joy & Creativity intention candle will bring a sense of vitality and fun to your space. Let the playful scents of Orange and Jasmine add some sparkle to your day.

Joy & Creativity Affirmation

All of life is a joyful creation where I can play in a space of childlike wonder. As I light this flame, I embrace my intuitive creativity to bring forth my heart's desires.

About Carnelian and Citrine Crystals

Carnelian is an amazing crystal for activating the sacral chakra, your creative centre. Working with Carnelian can enhance your enthusiasm for life by awakening your vitality and strengthening your passion, which in turn leads to more flow in creative thought and endeavours.

Citrine works beautifully with Carnelian as it is one of the key stones for connecting with the sacral chakra. As a quartz crystal, it can bring clarity of thought, and is renowned for stimulating the creative imagination, the most vital ingredient in manifestation. The vibration of Citrine assist us in bringing our imagined world into the form of reality - what could be more fun than that?  

Working with these two powerful stones together is like stepping back into the joyful imaginings of a healthy, robust childhood, where anything is possible and life is a fun adventure.

Scent Details - Orange & Jasmine:

Top notes: Sparkling Orange, fresh Citrus, Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin

Mid notes: Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Neroli and Thyme

Base notes: Rosewood Musk and Vanilla


100% natural soy wax

Hand poured in Melbourne

Cotton, lead-free wick


200ml Medium: approx. 33 hours

- On first use, set the candle memory by allowing your candle wax to melt to the edge. Extinguishing your candle before the wax melts to the outer edge will cause tunnelling and deplete the longevity of your candle.

- Remove larger crystals before lighting candle.

- Never leave lit candles unattended.