Green Aventurine Skull

Green Aventurine Skull

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Aventurine brings luck and creativity to all that surround her. She is aligned to the element air and allows us to connect with our inspiration, thought, knowledge and new ideas. She does these out of pure love and kindness dealing with the hearts intuition.

This beautiful crystal brings luck and favourable opportunities to present themselves.

When money is tight holding an aventurine will aid in help of where to spend your money and how to save.

Aventurine keeps you stable and its green colour brings an abundance of insight.

Astrological Sign: Virgo & Taurus 

Colour: Green

Availability: Common

Primary Chakra: Heart

Secondary Chakra:

Type: Microcrystalline quartz


All of my crystals are of A Grade Quality and have been sourced sustainably and responsibly 

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