Reader Recommendations

It can be hard to find a good spiritual reader so we have complied a list of our TOP readers and their websites for you to book in with one! 

Jamie -
Jamie specialises in energy readings using a mix of Tarot, Oracle and Pendulums to gain insight into your future and current situations. Jamie has been known to connect with your guides and give you those truth bombs. 

Jack - 
If you are after a unique reading you are looking for Jack! Specialising in Tea Leaf readings, Bone Throwing and Intuitive Art. Jack works with Angelic energy as well as connecting with your guides for specific messages. 

Natalia -
Natalia has a strong ancestral bloodline that has worked with spirit and energies for many years. She works with Cards and energy bringing insight into your future and current situations. Natalia is skilled in Mediumship and although not a guarantee she is likely to connect with a loved one.