How to use your Pendulum

What is a Pendulum

Pendulums are a fantastic divination tool for building and growing your intuition, practice with this tool to build and strengthen yours.

They work by connecting with your energy and become a tool to reflect your intuition, This happens from asking questions and receiving guidance, awareness, and understanding. 

Pendulums also promote healing with the process of dowsing which seeks out invisible energies. This connects people to higher energies spiritually and can help locate any blocks in energy.

When you receive your pendulum cleanse and attune your intention to it.

Attune your Pendulum

To attune your vibration, hold your pendulum in your palms.
Picture a beautiful white light shining on and through your pendulum.
Ask your pendulum to help guide and strengthen your intuition and provide truthful answers will serve the good of all concerned. 
Once this is done you need to align your energy with the pendulum.
Pendulums usually swing across in a line and around in a circle, most commonly a line will mean NO and a circle will mean YES. 
Hold the top end of the chain with the ring in your prominent hand and let the pendulum hang over your opposite palm. Hold the chain steady and ask the pendulum to show you YES let the chain go (try to not let it move) and watch what the energy does, does it move in a circle? 
Hold it steady again and ask to see NO, does it go in a line?
This is your key guide to how it will show you the answer to your questions.

Question Test

Next test the pendulum with questions that you know the answer.
Such as - Is my name Tash? (It should circle yes)
Am I sitting in my lounge? (it should be aligned to the correct key)
If it is not connected you may need to repeat the cleansing and attuning steps again.

You're Ready to Go!

Once attuned, aligned and connected you may use it to ask any yes or no question you desire! 
Pendulums are great to help you find lost objects, work out the hard questions (like what to eat) or help with balancing your chakras! 
If you wish to use them for balancing chakras, simply hold your hanging pendulum over someone laying down move your pendulum over there chakras and ask it to show you what needs realigning! 
This can be done for any body aches and pains as well to see what areas are out of whack! 
You may also use your pendulum to answer harder questions with using a pendulum grid which has letters written on it. Move your pendulum over the letters to spell out your answer! A map may also be used to find objects like scrying!!
Once your pendulum is attuned to you the limits are endless of what you can do! 
Remember, this is just a tool and ultimately the energy is coming from you!
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